Marquee, Yurt and Teepee Weddings & Events

Marquee, Yurt and Teepee Weddings & Events with Academy Productions

Offering complete flexibility and versatility, available in all shapes and sizes, traditional marquees and distinctive yurts and teepees (tipis) can be erected almost anywhere.

They are an ideal vehicle to put your personal stamp on, whether your style is quintessentially English or vintage glamour. Lighting canopies used with paper lanterns work particularly well, injecting a splash of colour on a neutral backdrop.

We provide indoor and outdoor lanterns which are available in an amazing colour palette, across a range of sizes. Arranged symmetrically to occupy the whole space or clustered randomly in one area to mark a specific area, such as the dancefloor or bar area.

Inclusive spaces in alfresco areas can be dressed with our classic teak table and chair sets together with a 'pop-up' bar created from our vintage, whiskey oak barrels with a smoked wooden bar top, generating an alternative gathering point for guests.

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