Wedding and Event Outdoor Lighting Hire

Outdoor Lighting Hire For Weddings & Events

Once the light begins to fade, outdoor lighting can not only be functional, but also add a different dimension to the outdoor space with colour, warmth and interest.

Every venue we work at has a unique frontage and outdoor space, be it a courtyard, terrace or garden, that can be enhanced with diverse lighting ideas.

Architectural, Building & Tree Lighting

Specific architectural features such as pillars, walls, windows or statues can be highlighted with dramatic coloured uplighters or whole buildings and large trees can be illuminated for a grand statement.


  • IP Rated for Outdoor Use
  • A Range of LED and Halide Fixtures are Available
  • High Powered Lighitng Fixtures for Lighting Buildings and Trees
  • A Wide Range of Colour Options

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Coach lanterns create a magical walkway, fairy lights can be used to create a pretty archway, or wound around tree trunks and branches.

Festoon lighting can be used draping along walls and railings, or to create a spider canopy radiating from a central point to illuminate a larger area.


  • IP Rated for Outdoor Use
  • A Wide Range of Decorative Outdoor Lighting Options are Available
  • Outdoor Decorative Lighting Canopies

With our decorative outdoor lighting we can subtly change the mood and feel of your venue outside or we can use bold and colourful lighting to create a dramatic statement with our high powered outdoor lighting fixtures.

With a wide range of outdoor lighting options available practically anything is possible.

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